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Thread: Quail Hunting In Late December

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    Hello all is OK or kansas gonna be worth quail h unting this year? I have a nice break over the holidays and I want to hunt something besides pheasants this year so looking for a 3 or 4 day trip option from So Dak. Is there any quail around or is the drought continuing finishing them all off.

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    I think we still have a lot of summer left. We should have a better idea in September. If you do come to Kansas make sure you spend lots of money here

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    I will spend as much as a poor teacher can just looking for advice haha

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    Andy, i moved 26 coveys last year hunting 11 days on public land with my best day being 5 different coveys in about 3 hours. Bios are telling me that unless we have a major catastrophe bird season will be better than last year. It should be a good year. Birds were hatching in May and weather has been relatively mild.

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    Over the last 3 years I've always seen birds right up to the end of season. They are out there, just have to find them.


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