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Thread: Thermopolis Wyoming Chukar/Hun Hunting

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    Default Thermopolis Wyoming Chukar/Hun Hunting

    Hey first season hunting in WYO any input on finding Huns/Chukars around thermopolis? I have put in a couple days and about 12 miles up and down. Nothing yet but some tracks.


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    Welcome Andy to uph. You know I don't know if the thermop. area has those types of birds. I have never hunted that part of the state of wyoming. It seems to me that there should be both huns and chukars around there, but I don't know for sure. Js driggs on this sight hunt pheasants around there so maybe pm him and ask. Sorry thats the best I can do for you.

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    thanks JMAC..

    I went up by Worland on friday saw 5 sets of tracks and feathers and blood from a chukar that was killed by an eagle. I have heard Thermop has birds, but honestly I am not sure a ton of people hunt them so information is pretty scarce it seems.

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