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Thread: Organizing Gear and Dogs in Shell

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    WOW--That is impressive!! Wish I had the skills to build something like that. With a few modifications it would easily hold/organize all your gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakeismydog2 View Post
    This was my inspiration

    It's pretty impressive.
    That is impressive. I will do something that can be easily removed when it's time to start kayak fishing.

    Simple water storage:;f=4;t=84595

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    Default My First Take - Tested Great!

    My buddy and I have long been discussing how to improve the functionality of the truck while having the dog boxes in the front of the rear...

    I took inspiration from this one mentioned previously but made some modifications for hunting.

    Just back from SD and really enjoyed it. Best part - only about $200 into it and $50 of that was sprayon bedliner for the slider.

    There is a base that installs first. It has casters on it and 2x6 rails to separate sections for a drawer and gun slots. The base also has the support similar to the link above to hold the top slider on while pulled out. We've had this fully extended with dogs in kennels. 2 70ish pound dogs plus the weight of the kennels and it slides easily to get behind the dogs.

    Please keep in mind - the pictures were not all taken in sequence...

    This picture was taken in SD and is essentially how we hunted. Note how the gallon water just fits nicely beside the setup. This is also where birds went prior to cleaning them.

    Here is the base out of the truck and a close up of the top castor that supports the sliding piece.

    This shows the base in the truck and how I supported it - the 2x4 cross piece and then propped under the bedrails keep this in place when the top slider is out.

    The "slider" installed. Note some loops (red) for strapping the kennels down and the eye hole locks (green) for holding the slider in-place on hills - don't ask how these became required

    Hopefully continued with another thread...max of 5 attachments reached.
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    Default My First Take - Tested Great - Continued

    OK - I ended showing the top slider installed. Here is a close up of the support casters. It also shows the construction of the slider (3/4 in CDX sandwiched on the sides with 2x4s).

    Here is the drawer - holds everything you need and pulls out easily. This has no sliders or anything. When extended, it is supported by the top slider.

    Here the slider extended and then showing how easily it is to get behind the kennels - full use of the 6'2" bed of my Toyota Tundra.

    Finally - having lunch in the field. The cooler sat behind the kennels during the AM and at lunch we use the slider as a buffet table!

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    This is my setup.
    I would really like to replace the drawers with this......


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