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    I have a buddy that lives in Indianapolis.....he is still mourning the loss of his 11 yr old son that passed away sadly about a month ago from a strange disease that I know nothing about. I have been posting photos of my daily hunts on Facebook and he has been looking at them every day. Today he tells me that he always wanted to go pheasant hunting and never has had the chance. He is an avid waterfowler but has no experience with upland. And he would like to watch a bird dog work. My season now has new meaning....its a 5 hour drive to him from where I live but I'm going to start doing some research to find somewhere to take him hunting.

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    Which way do you plan on going? Some of the DNR ground you can hunt with dogs. The one in Lagrange county I know you are able to do so. Best of luck with your friend. I have a friend that lost his daughter when she was 4.
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    thanks....I have no idea....I've been to Indy many times but have never hunted in the state before....gonna talk to some folks at DNR and also call a buddy of mine that lives in Nebraska that lived over 20 years in Indianapolis . gonna scout on the internet as well. 4? wow how aweful.....don't think you ever fully recover from something like that.


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