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Thread: Missing maps in BMA Access Guides

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    I had difficulty getting the BMA Hunting Access Guide this year using their internet request page. Because I didn't get the books I ordered in July when the Aug 15 availability date had passed, I re-ordered a complete package in both my name and address and my fiance's name and address. I've started to receive the booklets but on both books the tabs holding the books together had been broken and one book had no maps. I assumed that they had been lost in mailing but I noticed that the book w/o the maps had only 2/3s of the postage for the complete book indicating it didn't have the maps when mailed. The UGBEP books had their sealing tabs intact and all their maps.
    My question is, have any of you had a similar experience of not getting the requested guide books when ordered in July or map books w/o the maps?

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    Sounds like somebody wanted those maps pretty bad. With 3 tabs on those, it hardly seems like an accident. I've never had them mailed because there's an FWP office here in Billings. I stopped up there today to see if they had the open fields maps yet and they still aren't in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MTtailchaser View Post
    Sounds like somebody wanted those maps pretty bad.
    That's what I thought too but the postage convinced me otherwise. Coming from so far away I need them well in advance of when I leave to do my research otherwise I'd just pick them up at a headquarters too. I try to go to new places each trip.
    The Open Fields stuff is on the internet. I hunted one last year that the locals apparently didn't like being in the program. Somebody had bent the T-post marker sign flat with the ground to hide it from the road. I don't know why they did it as it was so small and didn't have much on it.


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