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Thread: Looking for input

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    Yes Lewistown was one of our first choices. What is the winters like there?
    Alot of snow and bitter cold? We like snow and some cold

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    Lewistown is in the Judith Basin. Known to the native tribes as "the snow Hole".
    To be avoided in the Winter. Some Winters the snow piles up and sometimes there are open Winters. Can get to -40 in the Winter and it can also get to + 50, lots of variety. All in all, for that far North the climate is decent.
    Mountains in every direction makes for wonderful views. Short drive to the national forests. Missouri Breaks to the North, BLM Land and Sage Country just past the Judith Mountains to the East. And the Fort Peck Lake.
    Good place, Lewistown.

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    Definitely can get some snow there, it's a good idea to invest in a snowblower. It's not a big town, I think of it as kind of retirement town. There is no Walmart or Kmart, but they do have an old Pamida that is a Shopko now. The one downside to Lewistown is that groceries are expensive. There is an Albertsons and that's it. My in-laws live there, so anytime we go up there, my mother-in-law has a big shopping list of things for us to get and bring with us. If you made a monthly trip to Billings or Great Falls you can stock up on stuff. Billings has a Costco and Sam's Club, Great Falls has a Sam's Club. Great Falls has a nice Scheel's store inthe mall. They're bulding a new 220,000 sq.ft. Scheels in Billings right now that will be open Sept of next year.
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