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Thread: Hunting opportunity to SD from Ohio

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    Cool Hunting opportunity to SD from Ohio

    We are hunting SouthDakota week 6 with 4 guys this is our first SD HUNT. We would be open to one or two more guys if they were a good fit . We all go to the same church but not holy rollers lol . We are from Toledo Ohio and two of us are driving out as we have 4 dogs 3 English pointers and 1 GSP . I am looking for one or two to share the ride so any state close could work Pa. Mi. In. Ky. Illinois ? I have a ford F-350 crew . We enjoy hunting and meeting others that enjoy hunting. Would prefer no more dogs . We are hunting the whole week starting north of Sioux Falls in Flandreau then heading to Miller mid week to a Uguide camp. The trip is Nov. 16 thru the 23. This is the week before thanksgiving Thank you Tim Shaffer.

    Rooster River 2 days 3 nights 6000 acres hat, buffet, license, lodging, option for extra birds . Indian reservation land, casino. 650.00

    UGuide Miller camp 4 nights 3 days 2880 acres all wild pheasant exclusive access for this group . Miller area is a top area . 695.00
    Extra cost would be food, fuel, shells and South Dakota license.

    We are all 30 to 50 years young with many years of hunting birds small game and deer your age is no concern, just safety and desire for a fun successful hunt.
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    Well we finally filled the spot I was asking for. Will be hooking up with a fellow hunter from Springfield ill. In Madison wi. He has been to the area we are going cant wait to pick his brain a bit on the trip . Only 88 more days lol 88.


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