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Thread: Spring's here out here

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    Default Spring's here out here

    Saw the first flock of California Sea Gulls heading across the Sierras for their spring nesting sites. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any Sandhill Cranes. They must have left already.
    The web cam at Glendive shows the river being ice free even though Fort Peck still has ice and there's still a lot of snow around Plentywood. I hope the birds weren't hurt too much.

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    Cal, We had 45 degrees yesterday! We have gone some 140 days here without a 50 degree reading. A record, the Twin Cities have had 114 days without a 50 degree reading.
    I just read in the Star Trib that the record cold is because of the rapid melting of the polar ice cap? I guess

    Anyway from Plentywood to Malta, Miles City, Glendive etc it has been a different Winter. Mild and sunny with little to no snow cover all Winter.
    Plentywood area has been dumped on with heavy snow and with it the cold.
    Birds no doubt have taken a hit.

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    The web cams at the Plentywood International Airport have looked miserable all winter long. I hope Shorty was still percolating enough to get around and feed the birds this winter because they may have been reduced to just the farmhouse flocks.


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