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Thread: English Springer Needs a New Home

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    I have a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel who needs a new home. He is started on wild pheasant, and has some potential, but still needs some work. I am not a breeder or a trainer. We live in town and have been having some problems with him being aggressive toward the neighborhood children, so he needs to find a new place to live. He would also be great for someone looking for a little extra protection. I have used him as a running partner and to get rid of door to door salesmen. Although he has aggression issues I have to add that, after the initial bad first impression, he really isn't a bad dog. He has been great with our 7 month old daughter, even coming to get me when she cries. He also plays well with our neighbor's husky and our other 2 Springers. The attached picture is from last fall. It was his first water retrieve. I can post more pictures if you would like, or answer any questions here.
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    It would be beneficial to know where you live. Also some additional photos of the dog and his pedigree would probably help as well.
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    I am in Rapid City, SD. He was a rescue, so I don't know anything about his lineage. I am a vet tech and he came to our clinic when he was 9 weeks old with Parvo. The owners couldn't afford to treat him, so I took him. I meant to find him a home right away, but fell in love with him. We would keep him still, but he has become a problem with children in the neighborhood. We live 4 blocks away from a school and cannot keep him here.
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    I am also willing to travel if it is helpful in finding this boy a home.

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    You are a vet tech. OK.
    How is this boy conformation? Is he sound in his hips / joints?
    Does he have even development in his front & rear quarters? etc.

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    I can't guarantee anything, but he seems perfectly sound. He is a very good looking dog, balanced and straight. He is in perfect shape (body score 5 of 9) and has been very fit thus far. He has a tendency to "shuffle" his back feet when he walks around the house. You can hear it on the wood floor, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. The shuffle disappears when he trots or runs. He has a balanced, even trot, but tends to over reach a little on the front when he runs. I think it's just because he's silly, because his gait evens out when he's serious about catching up with something or tired.

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    Thank you for what you have done for this dog.
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    I would do it again, only next time rehome him when he was still a pup. It's proving very difficult to find a home for a slightly used Springer Spaniel with a record.

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