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Thread: New UGUIDE Reduced rates Option

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    Default New UGUIDE Reduced rates Option

    New!! We have added a 4-tiered system. Based on this new system we we able to separate our pricing a little so when tier 1 rates went up we subsequently found a need to create a 4th tier and lower rates.

    We now have a rate as low as $495/person for 4-night lodging and 3-days hunting. Right now we have those week 10 slots as closed until we get beyond the hatch and possibly even into hunting season to see how the quality of hunting is going.

    On average the Tier 4 prices were reduced by $70/person per package. Essentially $50 for the hunting portion and then $5/night for lodging X 4 nights is another $20.

    Lots of good options left for the 2013 season.

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    Will give it some thought, especially if the drought down here in CO & KS continues. Always wanted to hunt SD, never have yet...You have a pretty reasonable option compared to most!


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