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Thread: OK quail season?

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    Default OK quail season?

    greetings everybody.....was wondering how everyone's quail season went in Oklahoma....I know the drought was a major factor in the entire midwest...however I had a fantastic quail season here in IL even with the drought we had....had a good couple days in Kansas last week as well.....I've hunted geese in Oklahoma before but never quail....seeing that the season is in till Feb 15 I'm thinking bout making a trip out there to give it a try....anyone wanna try and talk me out of it? lol

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    Unhappy Oklahoma Quail

    I'm an avid Quail hunter in Oklahoma and where I live we only have quail and No Pheasant. I Hunt easily 2-4 times p/week with my Brittany who is 7 years old. The last 3 years have been ABSOLUTELY pathetic. Only 15 shot this year. The drought over the last several years has decimated the coveys, and I don't believe that they will ever recover. I remember in 2004 I shot 200birds that season. Now since the drought your lucky to see a covey every two to three weeks w/ only 6 to 8 birds. Very disappointing! Yes, the future is bleak.. I remember when (not so many years ago) that the NW part of Oklahoma had some of the best Quail hunting in America. I guess it is the sign of the times. Sorry to say that it will Never, never be the same. It is a crying shame. Glad I am in the 4th quarter of life.

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    Wow sorry to hear that. Hopefully mother nature will be kind and they will recover in couple years

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    It is absolutely pathetic. I have hunted the same ranch since 2003. I killed over 100 birds several of those years. I have not shot a quail in two seasons now. If my dogs died today, I would not get another. It's terrible. I would save your gas.

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    Default Oklahoma quail

    thats a shame.....i feel for you guys. I spent all morning on the phone with 3 different biologists in 3 different parts of the state and they all said the same thing. its BAD. Worst that they've ever seen. One said the best hunting report he had on one of his areas for entire month of January was a group of 3 hunters killed 5 birds one day...all from the same covey rise. I will wait until some other time to go to Oklahoma....hopefully birds will be plentiful in the next couple years.


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