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    Default Mitchell Area hunting question

    I am looking to come up to hunt the Mitchell area Nov 26-28th with three or four business clients. We want to run our own dogs, if possible, and we can either stay in town or go to a lodge, depending on prices. Any suggestions for an outfitter who would help make this trip workout for us? I am just not that familiar with SD and would appriciate any suggestions. Thanks

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    Contact Jenn at Glenwood Kennels in Mitchell(she has a website) as long as you don't mind being outshot and outdogged by a girl.
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    I would also look at Rooster Roost Ranch in Mitchell. Great place with great service and facility.

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    Default Uguide

    We use the UGUIDE site. There are a couple openings yet for this year. No, Chris isn't paying me for this.

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    The pheasant numbers in Mitchell are down quite a bit due to the drought - I would suggest looking elsewhere - maybe a bit north. I just returned from a 3 week trip and covered a good amount of land - you will find birds where you find water.

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    If your hunting a lodge close to the mitchell area your probably not hunting wild birds. Just a heads up on that. Some like to hunt pin raised birds but I don't. You probably need to go West of Mitchell a ways.


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