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Thread: 12ga Weatherby OrionII Upland

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    Default 12ga Weatherby OrionII Upland

    In premo shape, bought new from a guy who was going thru marriage problems. Shot, 2 rounds of skeet, 2 rounds of sporting clays, and 2 rounds of trap...all in the same day. 99% condition. Have 6 chokes(2 modified, 2 skeet,2 improved).

    Look, got a Rem SPR 28ga for Christmas and it feels like a warm, good woman. I bought weatherby 2 years ago NIB for $1000(which was a deal). It's in basically new condition. I dont shoot skeet anymore(kids), but I just love that little 28ga. and if I did, I would use the 28ga. Looking to get a Concealed Carry and dont really need the weatherby. Looking for $850 plus shipping to FFLand real firm about it. Beautiful wood, just beautiful. Will upload pics tomorrow. Have box, books, etc.... The main reason I got the weatherby was the good price and its "manly" frame. That way I could tube it for 20 or 28ga and still keep the same frame. Got a really nice wide rib that works real well on targets.

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    Default Pic Please

    Can you post a pic...or send me one in a PM? What is the barrel length of this gun?


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