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    This was my first trip to the Triple S Wildlife Ranch near Calvin Oklahoma. The experience has been one of the most enjoyable hunts ever. My guide Norm and I headed out into the 3000 acres of woods, flat land, hills and valleys of southeast OK. I've wanted a trophy Axis deer forever. We covered a large area hoping to spot one of the trophy Axis bucks. My guide knew all the right spots to find the Axis, and we saw lots of animals. We ran into numerous Axis does and smaller bucks but had not seen any huge bucks as of yet. As we were glassing a large pasture area, there he was grazing just off the large lake behind the lodge. Just what I was looking for a huge Axis Buck in velvet. I got down on one knee took aim and made the shot. The deer ran off to his left just behind a bush. I wanted to move to another postion but my guide whispered in my ear to be patient. Just then, that Axis buck came out on the other side of the bush, I took aim and nailed him again in the shoulder. He ran about 30 yds and down he went for good. What a hunt! Great people and lots of game at the SSS ranch. Check out their website

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    Sounds like an exciting hunt.
    Welcome to the site.


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