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Thread: GSP Training Colorado?

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    Default GSP Training Colorado?

    Looking for a reputible trainer for my new pup in Colorado. Would like to do a good deal of the training for her on my own; but am looking for a pro to do gun breaking, quartering and running bird training. I can afford about $1500.00 on her training. I have been looking on the internet and can find only about 3 trainers in the Co Springs area. Just wondering who you guys would recommend.

    Also have a few more questions; when to itroduce to birds, what vet do hunters in Springs use (most seem like PETA type hippies here in town), where to buy her supplies, what training aids she may need early on etc..... . My list so far is a check cord, crate w/ cover, dokken quail dummy, lots of wings ( I have a slew of them in the freezer already), whistle, and bike for myself to take her on runs once she's big enough. Not sure about an e-collar; may want that to be trained by a pro as well.

    Hope to have her in the field this fall; is that a reasonable expectation? I'm really amped up about her and can't wait to pick her up on 2 March.

    Thanks and Have a Good 'Urn,

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    Bones, there is a thread in Colorado on this that is not too old, with some good info!!!

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    As several people have indicated interview several trainers and key in on the ones that you feel most comfortable with.
    It would be my pleasure to interview with you as well.......My name is Rick Fitzpatrick, I own and operate Gun Dogs R Us gun dog training. Website is

    To help folks through this selection process, I have posted a list of interview questions on my website. Please let me know if you find this info helpful.

    I am located approx. 30 miles N/E of CS.

    I can supply excellent references and testimonials, including from cowdog who is a regular on this site.
    From what you have described as to what you are looking for in a trainer, I believe I can accommodate your needs.

    Again there are many good trainers to choose from, I and my clients believe I fall into that category.
    I thank you for your consideration and look forward to speaking with you in person. .....Phone 303-648-3553

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    I will vouch for Rick at Gundogsrus. He trained my dog 4 years ago and could not be happier. He also trained a friends Gsp on my recomendation and he is satisfied as well.
    As fer as Vets go I have used Airway vet. on Platte ave. for 40+ years and they are great folks, They deal alot with large animals and livestock so no tree huggers there.


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