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Thread: It has been a great season.

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    Default It has been a great season.

    This site is kind of dead right now. Has everyone called it a season already or are there any diehards out there still chasing some birds? I have been out 3 times in December with mixed results. One day of limits where I could have shot 6-9 roosters. One day with 12 pheasants all hens and one day with 2 roosters some qauil and some huns thrown in as well. I will get out at least one more day before it ends, possible two. I have not hunted one day on private ground in Idaho this year, but I have seen birds and had some shooting on every outing. I have lost close to 50 lbs chasing my dogs this year and consider bird hunting to be one of the best exercise programs I have ever taken on. I will sure miss it when its over. It has been a great season in my book.

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    I'm heading out tomorrow for one last hunt in ND. Normally, this last week of Dec is cold and snowy, but the forecast is for warm (35-40) and slight chance of..........."rain".

    In spite of bird numbers being down in both ND and SD, I've been blessed with a great year. Oct was bad, but late Nov and Dec have made up for it.

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    I wish I could join you. I love SD best hunting I have ever had. I am sure ND would be awesome as well. Good luck to you.

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    I made it out 12/29. We saw quail, pheasants, and huns. It was a great day lots of poor shooting and happy dogs. The temps were amazing for nearly January. I cannot ask for anything more.


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