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  1. Would love to meet up with except will not be...

    Would love to meet up with except will not be there until Thanksgiving.
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    Old Stomping Grounds

    I grew-up in the Storm Lake area. It always seemed to hold birds. Great results for your time in the field. I will be there over Thanksgiving.
  3. Will be in Northwest Iowa over Thanksgiving

    I will be in the Fort Dodge area of Iowa over Thanksgiving. Would love to meet up with a fellow member over that time frame. I have 2 experienced GSP's and would love to show you their abilities. I...
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    New to the sight from Michigan

    I have followed posts from this sight for many years, just never joined. I always like hearing the view points and thoughts of fellow birdhunters. I grew up in Iowa and graduated from UNI in the...
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    Hard work will payoff

    Being from Iowa originally I can remember those so called easy years. Living in Michigan where bird numbers are really low, when I come to Iowa I have always been able to find birds, just had to work...
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