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  1. Hi Chris,

    Just read your report - sorry, I seem to miss the notification. It was very cold when you were planning to hunt!
  2. Jon sorry but no s.d. hunt report. I had to many people back out this year. I just hunted in iowa. We did manage to shoot a few and put up a lot of hens. Hope you had a good new years!
  3. Hi Chris,

    Looking forward to your Faulkton hunting report. Tough weather, huh

    Happy New Year.

  4. How are you doing this season jon? My next trip to s.d.will be starting dec 26-31. Unless things change it's just my daughter and another couple.
  5. Hi Chris,

    Anything new from Trusty? Trying to stay warm here...may have a "preserve " hunt sometime this week if the weather permits. We're sitting for our granddaughter while she takes a break in Mexico so the week is rather jammed.


  6. i hope you had a great holiday season! keep in touch i'd like to hunt with you again next year.
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