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    Thanks for the information. We will be making our way West from Mitchell Through Pierre and then on up towards Mobridge. Probably will be looking for some right of way ditches to hunt as we make our way West and North since we do not have any private land to hunt. As far as dogs, we do have a couple of shorthairs and a couple of Llewyellen Setters that we like to work behind. Thanks again for the information, and any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Charles - you will be happy you made the trip. I saw lots of birds, though they were spooky and most flushed well out of range. I hunted south of Mitchell, near Pierre, and north near Gettysburg and saw plenty of birds in all three places. Concentrate on overgrown section roads that are near standing crops. Evenings are better as the birds are leaving the crops then. Not sure what you have for a dog or if you have one, but hunt slowly and quietly. Also, start your search for hunting areas well away from any towns. The further away, the fewer people. Take an extra second before you pull the trigger as I flushed several birds last week that were not fully colored and that I didn't end up shooting at.

    Best of luck, let me know how it goes.

  3. 519vx that a great story and a great description of your hunt, almost thought I was with you. Would love to get to know you and meet you. I am traveling to South Dakota from Ky. next week. Looking for some good areas to hunt, especially road right of way. Would appreciate any help you might offer.
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