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  1. Just saw that you were on and thought I'd say hello. Hope life is treating you well, friend!
  2. We're having a poker tourney for baseball this weekend. Saturday, Feb 22, Alma Community Center, 6pm. $20 to enter. Join us if you can!
  3. Unfortunately I can't make it to the tourney KB! If you PM me and let me know an address or where I can donate some cash for the cause I'd appreciate it! Good Luck....
  4. April 13th, 6pm, Alma Community Center. It's about a block from my house.
  5. Hey KB! When's that fundraiser tourney?
  6. I would prefer a sitting hunt but either would be fine with me...
  7. This season we need to go on a strictly chicken hunt!!!
  8. Fishing season is right around the corner!!!!
  9. Looks like we're leaving KC Friday afternoon and hunting Sat and Sun at the end of the season. As of right now I have 8 guys 2 of which are on the edge. Let me know...
  10. You up for an end of season hunt this year? Our leave date isn't set in stone yet but we're looking at leaving the KC area the 28th sometime.
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