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  1. Ofer, this is Randy. Did you ever make that trip to NE, or are/when are you going? I had to postpone??? mine. Dog got cut really bad - cut his VERY private parts on who knows what hunting the last week! What the hell it was hangin out for i have no idea. Didn't seem to bother him much. Me- i would have just shot myself! Anyway, I was looking at your profile. I'm "one of them" to! Except I'm 60 and still working I do fish work in SE MN, mostly trout streams. Where are/were you at? Maybe we have crossed paths, although Foresters and F&W folks don't seem to much. Anyway, if you go or went, let me know how you do. I'm still hoping to work out a trip. Dog should be healed in another week. Just gotta get a good weather report and hopefully "work around" the MLK holiday so I can save some VAC. Good luck if you get out. Randy Binder
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