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  1. Hi Jon,
    Sorry for the delay I just saw your message. Yes I am going to try the weekend after Christmas this year. Last year I was too close to Christmas on the front side. It will depend on the weather and how the birds look as we get closer to that time. I will make an announcment as we get closer.
  2. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the reply/advice on snakes. Was wondering if you are planning another Wounded Warrior hunt this year? Hope you have a great bird season.

    Jon (minneapolis)
  3. Received a quote today from Pete. Too expensive for me!!
  4. Hi Jon,
    You expressed an interest of a possibility of an South Dakota opening day hunt. I gave you contact information for Pete at 612 201 7325. I was wondering if that worked out.

  5. Good morning Jon. Contact Pete at 612 201 7325. They are working on the place where the hunt is so they might not answer right away. His email is Good luck, I hope this works for you.
  6. Jon I will get you what I can as soon as I can. I will probably have you contact him.
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