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  1. Rooster Booster Can you send me the contact info on your rancher? We have a few contacts as well if you are interested. We also stay at the Castle. Great place! Keep me posted on what you see and the bird numbers. I am always interested in Regent and what the birds are like. I might be able to squeeze a trip in late season if my schedule allows it. If this method of contact doesn't work my email is I live in a suburb northwest of Minneapolis, but grew up in Northern MN.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response, didn't see your message. Our first day of hunting will be two weeks from today on the 27th. We will hunt for 6 days. We pay to play as well. We used to go to Winner, South Dakota but they priced us out of that area. Not regrets in moving to Regent, we never have an issue with shooting a limit every day we are there. We hunt SW of Regent, we found a rancher that has plenty of land so we don't have any issues finding birds. We stay in Regent at the Castle. When do you go out there? We are from northeast WI.
  3. Rooster Booster, I too run out to Regent in the fall! When do you go? Where do you hunt? I typically pay to play out there. Are you from the Minnesota? Welcome to the site.
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