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  1. I talked with KansasBrittany (Chad) and he is really frustrated with Uguide. I got several long PM's from Lazer backing Uguide to the hilt. I almost got to the point that I was going to tell him to stick UPH where the sun doesn't shine. He was being as big an ass as Uguide. Take care.
  2. George,
    Saw that you deleted the post on UGUIDE. I too am frustrated with them. I had pledged to meet KansasBrittany and other moderators but couldn't get a straight answer on dates. Thought I was paying for a full week, ended up a couple of days, so I couldn't justify the cost and distance for that. Asked similar questions on where and didn't get an answer. Oh well...
    Hate that I'll miss you but good luck on your trip. Let me know if you need anything. My dad and uncle live in Dalhart, so if you go through and need something, let me know and I'll have them step up.
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