View Full Version : Remington HyperSonic Steel Shot

10-19-2010, 09:26 PM
My 10 month old lab Winston had his first pheasant hunt yesterday on some public land in SD. Being public waterfowl Production land I had to use steel shot. I've had issues in the past with crippling MANY birds due to the use of steel shot shells on wild pheasants. Yesterday was no exception!

Winston flushed hen after hen. Finally in late afternoon he started bumpin' roosters. With the first two flushse the birds were hit twice with the steel shot (I want to leave the brand out because they are a great load for ducks and are not a bad over all shell). For eah bird my second shot took them down hard but they weren't hit hard enough. They hit the ground and ran. The third rooster Winston flushed I hit with three shots with the third busting him up hard. I couldn't believe it, but he too hit the ground and ran!

Having enough of this, last night I decided to switch over to another steel shot shell to see if this could help with the issue. I found the REMINGTON HYPERSONIC shells. 3", 1 1/4 OZ shot, #4's, 1,700FPS.

Today Winston flushed 3 roosters within the first hour. Each went down with one shot, dead as could be with these shells. I couldn't be happier! Steel shot for ducks works well. Pheasants, well not so well until now. I truely felt as if I were shoting lead shot shells with these things! I highly recommend giving them a try!!:thumbsup:

The only draw back is if you tend to be the "quick draw" and "point and shot" type like myself, you do need to let the birds get out a bit. These things hit VERY hard!!!:eek: Thanks Remington!!:10sign: