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08-05-2010, 07:08 AM
I shot a lot of ducks and Pheasants with a 410 when you could still use lead. It's taken many years for the ammunition Manf. to finally produce a steel shot load that is able to give produce enough killing power. I bought 4 boxes of the federal 410. 2 in 7 shot and 2 in 6 shot. I have not found anybody that's stocking the 28ga in either brand right now in my area. I'm sure some place like Cabelas or Gander might carry some. I bought the 410 for $11.99 a box at our local L&M Supply farm store.

I bought up all the Winchester Xpert 20 steel 7 shot game loads they had in Sioux Falls last year.

I plan to do some patterning with the 410 Federal loads just to see what kind of pattern I'm able to obtain. They are advertised at 1400 fps. 3/8oz of shot, 3 inch shells.

I know Macks Prairie Wings had Winchester special load them Winchester Xpert in 410 chambering. Macks was the only location one could get any 410 steel. They were so popular Macks couldn't keep them in stock. Thanks to Macks, not only one Manf. but two have now started offering small gauge steel shot loads in both 410 and 28. It's nice to be able to finally carry my light little sweet hearts again. I like to hunt Ruff Grouse in northern Minnesota and we can use lead but on numerous occasions. I like to jump a pot hole for Wood Ducks, Teal or a occasional Mallard. In that case you must be using non toxic shot when any waterfowl is involved. In these usually close quarters shooting. A 410 or 28 in the right hands is able to get the job done. It's also a great challenge to come home with a full game bag of a variety of game from Wood Cock & Grouse to Ducks, Squirrel and Snow Shoe Rabbits. The 410 & 28 can be a dandy little meat gun.

Anybody else like this option now that it's available?

Here's some links to the ammo available

Federal 410


Federal 28


Winchester Xpert 410


Winchester Xpert 28