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12-03-2009, 12:06 AM
So last year I bought a new M2 for like $1199 with the comfortech stock. I saw they now make a M2 American which I was told is the same gun minus the comfortech for $899. I was so pissed when I saw that in the gun store. There is no way that stock is worth $300. Oh I just had to vent. :mad:

12-03-2009, 12:20 AM
You know I have had some of those feelings too. I started out with The SBE, wood, got it wet, it rusted terrible, crappiest finnish ever I thought. Cleaned it up and traded it for the camo. Wanted a slug barrel 425$, no problem. Ordered it. 1& 1/2 years later it comes. Needs a different fore arm, another 75$. Got a m1 20ga in the spring. wanted a slug barrel, no problem. I baught the camo anti rust right away this time, The gun was for the nephew for deer hunting, a week before deer hunting no barrel. so he gave me what he called a deal on a blue matt barrel and when the other arived we could switch, OK. 3 years now and no barrel. Now they say they don't make them any more. What a *&%$^%&^ joke.:confused: Sold all Beneli's. Thank god, now that I see they keep changing them more then under ware. But it was a sweet shooter.

12-03-2009, 11:47 AM
Buy a Browning..... Problem solved :D

12-04-2009, 08:51 PM
Ah yes, another happy customer.

I have had numerous Benelli's(3 SBE's, a M1 and two Montifeltro's). None worked as advertised. The only Benelli that would ever find it's way back into my gun cabinet, would be a wood stocked 20ga montifeltro and that's only because of it's light weight. Now that Browning is offering a Cynergy Feather 20ga that is WAY lighter, weighing it at 4lbs 12 oz's. I doubt there's a reason to look elsewhere then Browning. My Browning's have always worked and never let me down.

I no longer own any Benelli's

12-07-2009, 08:38 AM
Here's a quote from a thread about hunting Argentina for doves and what gun to bring if not renting a gun

"If they only offer a 20ga Benelli, of any description, take your gun. I have owned and shot all of the 20ga guns Benelli offers in Argentina. I would never again own one, much less carry a Benelli to Argentina, period. The "Benelli thumb" is not a joke and is a dumb and painful way to spend days in the bird field. Most of the quality outfitters have in the past two years switched from Benelli to the 391 Beretta."


The guy has bird hunted Argentina and Africa for many years and has used and seen all makes of guns. He says, way too many times his hunt was ruined by using rented Benelli's. Myself, I have helped shoot out a Benelli. Once things are worn, the gun becomes unreliable and IMO the only fix is a new gun or new receiver, bolt, trigger group and barrel(because of lock up). I had the hammer spring and plunger slip passed the hammer on a SBE. There's a thin wall of Alum. that holds it in place and it wore thin. Then it bent over to the side after loosing it's strength and the spring and plunger came out of place..slipping passed the hammer turning it to a zero shot. The same gun sheared off the bolt handle on opening morning of the opener of duck season. no bolt handle sucks. Besides it going to take much of the best days of duck season to get another bolt handle. It was stupid what it cost. I made one out of a drill chuck key. I sold it in the middle of season and bought my camo Cynergy. Best thing I ever did. I shoot a lot and will not stand for a unreliable gun that needs parts and service during the hunting season. The season is short enough without having your main gun go down and leave you up a creek without a gun.


12-07-2009, 09:27 AM
After reading all the Benelli bashing on this thread I have to jump in. I have owned and shot many different shotguns in my 53 years of bird hunting. 11 years ago I bought a new Benelli Montefeltro and I can honestly say it is the best shotgun I have ever owned.

Of all the guys that I hunt with I would say 75% shoot Benelli's and would shoot nothing else. In fact, most of them are prior Browning (auto & pump) owners and would not go back. Especially Browning BPS owners. I've never seen any gun have as many problems as the BPS.

Now the Browning O/U's are a different story and I do own one of them. Isn't it amazing how different people end up with totally different experiences with various guns. I guess that's good or we would all be shooting the same gun! :)

So before everyone reading this thread starts to think that Benelli's are junk. Think again, and get another opinion.

12-07-2009, 10:29 AM
I agree with DZ, on this one. They are without a doubt the finest performing auto in the world, absolutely nothing better, My problem was trying to get barrels, accessories ect. and the ease of rust. Say if you have a Super black eagle,camo. Now try and get a slug barrel. No matter what they will most likely be the most non destructible shot gun you find. But I suggest anyone thinking about slug barrels or add on's, buy it with the gun or plan way ahead, make damm sure you can get it. I loved my gun, they just drove me nuts getting it. I did get out of the browning gold hunter to get into a benelli, I was standing near some friends just as we finished a walk with the barrel in the air,safe on just about to unload and BOOM!!!!. It just went off. So I traded within a few days and informed the guy what happened. I refered to it as the old Browning buddy killer. I would buy the Original Super Black Eagle again in camo with the slug barrel again if I could get one but would want it as a set.

12-07-2009, 10:43 AM
My Benelli functions just fine and I have no complaints about its funtion. Expect that the Benelli thumb is painful. They just irritate me when they sell it with an overpriced stock.

12-07-2009, 12:23 PM
No bashing, just posting personal experience with the guns from myself and others. I hunt and shoot a lot and I clean my guns every night after the days hunt. Just let me know if your Benelli is still here and working fine 60 to 80 years from now like say..a Browning A5. I have shot out several guns before. Have you ever wore out a gun? The guy who shoots 5-6(maybe a case or two) boxes of shells a year isn't a true test of a gun's durability or longevity. Hey, if it works for you and your happy, that's all that counts. Myself, I need a better quality gun like a good O/U that will shoot for a lifetime and be handed down to my son's.

Be Cool


12-07-2009, 12:36 PM
As I've stated before; I too was not to hip to jump on the Benelli train. Then an H&K Benelli M1 showed up in my safe and now a Montefeltro and Legacy have joined it. Took all of them out this weekend. Thay all went bang and birds fell from the sky. There are lemons of all makes and models. As for renting a gun, I look at it this way. If I can afford to go to Argentina and have a custom hunt, then by golly I can afford to take my own guns or buy a new one when I get there.

12-07-2009, 12:54 PM
Just let me know if your Benelli is still here and working fine 60 to 80 years from now

Let's see, by then I'll be 143-163 years old. God willing I hope I'm still walking the fields with my dogs and my Benelli. :)

12-07-2009, 01:21 PM
It may surprise you but most people who take the trip, rent their guns. I was surprised myself of that fact. I wouldn't go unless I could take my own gun. IMO, the gun will tell many stories about the hunts for years to come. My wife and I would love to make that trip someday.

12-08-2009, 12:43 AM
Hey, I had to throw this one in. I don't have any Benellis but I do have a brand new Browning Maxus. It weighs over a pound less than my 25 year old A5 and will be my new primary hunting 12 GA. It is a sweet shooting gun. If you are considering an SBE, take a look at the Maxus, too.

12-08-2009, 01:17 AM
Let's see, by then I'll be 143-163 years old. God willing I hope I'm still walking the fields with my dogs and my Benelli. :)

:10sign::cheers: Why die so young George

12-08-2009, 03:34 AM
Just so you know I'm not trying to run down anybodies choice in guns. i would still be interested in a 20ga Montifeltro for the right price