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  • akp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:35 PM
    akp replied to a thread Upland Forecast in Kansas
    I liked what i saw this weekend..
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  • PheasantNut's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:21 PM
    My best guess would be 3 or 4 weeks old.
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  • Rusty Trigger's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:41 PM
    Rusty Trigger replied to a thread Dog boots in Gear & Equipment
    The tire tube works well for sand burrs.
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  • cheesy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:13 PM
    cheesy replied to a thread Upland Forecast in Kansas
    You forgot “pockets of birds”.
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  • quail hound's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:59 PM
    These sage grouse kebabs were possibly the best bird I've ever eaten.
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  • dakotasj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:48 PM
    Joe Hunter That's a lot of good information. Just curious what your thoughts are on lead shells. Typically I shoot a Browning 625 with Carlson...
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  • wapsijim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:30 PM
    wapsijim replied to a thread Iowa Huns in Iowa
    1988 was the last time we shot a Hun in eastern Iowa (Cedar Co.), though I have seen them since. They were just a bonus for the good pheasant numbers...
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  • Randy S's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:21 PM
    Randy S replied to a thread Iowa Huns in Iowa
    Chances are slim but I shot a pair out of a nice covey west of Fort Dodge 3-4 years ago. Also shot three out of a covey in eastern Iowa last year....
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  • Highvoltage's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:02 PM
    If Xl fits you there is one for sale in the swap section!
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  • Westok's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:45 PM
    Westok replied to a thread Quiet in Utah
    I’d love to try Chukar hunting this fall is Utah an option it’s closer to me than Idaho or Nevada
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  • 870-Lefty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:08 PM
    870-Lefty replied to a thread My pheasant gun? in Guns & Ammo
    My pheasant hunting buddy used to use a Benelli SuperSport and did quite well with it. He has moved on to a Benelli 828 O/U but keeps the SuperSport...
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  • Shawk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:37 PM
    Well... season is just around the corner! I purchased this from a guy that ordered it and also never used it this year. He said it had 2 long pockets...
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  • 1pheas4's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:44 PM
    From Pheasants Forever's Facebook page September 6th 2019 "How important is nesting cover availability throughout the entire summer? In wet years,...
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  • 1pheas4's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:33 PM
    A short video regarding Minnesota's walk in access program and a gentlemen who volunteers to improve access opportunities. ...
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  • BrownDogsCan2's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:23 PM
    matto, Thanks for the tip. Ended up finding some chickens. Missed an easy one and then took one in the field east of there. I can cross that off...
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  • KSBrittman's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:22 PM
    Wing Works came about from Idaho Chuckar hunters that wanted a vest that the shell pockets didn’t hit you in the legs as you climbed uphill , carry...
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  • quailhunter101's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:12 PM
    quailhunter101 replied to a thread Iowa Huns in Iowa
    I am a bleeding optimist, but figured it was not likely to come across any. A trip out to Montana and Idaho is on my bucket list, just too far and...
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  • Prairie Drifter's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:50 PM
    Prairie Drifter replied to a thread Upland Forecast in Kansas
    If the forecast includes the October mail carrier's count, might be a bit early.
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  • A5 Sweet 16's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:04 AM
    A5 Sweet 16 replied to a thread Iowa Huns in Iowa
    Most places the odds are going to be slim to none.
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  • A5 Sweet 16's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:59 AM
    A5 Sweet 16 replied to a thread My pheasant gun? in Guns & Ammo
    I agree w/ Zeb. While you don't see loads actually called "Magnum" much anymore, some of them still exist. You just need to be more cognizant of...
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  • max00's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:08 AM
    Is that the badland upland vest with the water bladder? The vest looks like a small backpack with all the small compartments. good if you want to...
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  • CharBroiled's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:40 AM
    CharBroiled replied to a thread Upland Forecast in Kansas
    I've got it and it's simple. West is good. Central, all birds drowned during the floods. East has no pheasants but some quail.
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  • Dakotazeb's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:13 AM
    Dakotazeb replied to a thread My pheasant gun? in Guns & Ammo
    The 2 3/4 inch Mag. in 12 ga. typically had 1 1/2 oz. of shot. I don't think anyone makes that load anymore, but I could be wrong. However,...
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  • KSBrittman's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 11:05 PM
    Wing Works is the one I like the best to !!!
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  • fadetoblack188's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 10:53 PM
    What’s up guys. I have an older Remington 1100 magnum. I heard they only shoot 3 inch rounds or a 2 3/4 magnum round. Do they stay make 2 3/4...
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  • hunter94's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 08:31 PM
    all the sporting dog journals lie......they put their crap out way before roadside counts appear....they are jokers selling subscriptions.
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  • hunter94's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 08:28 PM
    hunter94 replied to a thread Upland Forecast in Kansas
    KDWP drags this report out further each year.....kind of anti climatic by the time it is news.
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  • airmedic1's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 07:57 PM
    airmedic1 replied to a thread Dog friendly in Nebraska
    There was a Motel 8 in McCook that my wife and I stayed in ten years ago. They let our dogs in but wanted to charge $25 per dog. I ended up giving...
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  • airmedic1's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 07:50 PM
    Unfortunately this is an average of down 14%. In several places, the ones that I hunt they are down over 50%. Only one area in the state is up. ...
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  • max00's Avatar
    09-14-2019, 07:32 PM
    I hunt with #6 or #5 (if I can't find the #6)… Federals, Ficcohi or Remington XLR
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