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    Default Upcoming season

    Has anyone applied to hunt any of the state run sites or public hunting areas? This will be my dogs first hunting season hoping to get out a lot this year and get him on birds. Definitely counting the days November cant get here fast enough. Anyone have any outlook on bird numbers this year?

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    I rotate between Chain, SS and Des Plaines for the state run places. I usually go twice a week. Haven't hunted wild birds in IL in many years. Nowhere to go. I'm counting down the days.

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    I've got to get on the public land applications. I usually hit green river a time or two. There's a section they don't release pheasants in so the wild birds tend to hang out there a bit. Tough getting to them though. Usually running through cattails and busting through ice to get close to the buggers.

    As far as bird numbers go, it's going to be okay where higher ground/habitat exists. Last week I took a look at some areas on the southern part of the county. A lot of the habitat is still under water or very wet with many of those areas not having any higher ground/habitat near by. I didn't even bother to look for brood/chick signs in those areas. It's been too wet for too long. Hopefully other parts of the state have better news.
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