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    Default My first bird dog

    I have been researching dogs for over a year now and finally decided that despite the demanding requirements, an english pointer was for me. I picked up my 5 month old elhew bred pup on saturday. Just getting to know each other and work on basics right now but he will point a pigeon and hold that point for about 10 seconds right now before his excitement gets the best of him. Cant get my work computer to load pictures so I will try to get some up later today.

    Any recommendations for a training program that has worked for others with EP?

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    "The Best way to train your bird dog " The Delmar Smith Method " by Bill Tarrant . This book is an a older book ,great info , fun formant . Worth a look / I checked mine out from the local library and couldn't put it down .

    Emphasis is all on pointing dogs !!!

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    thanks, Ill check it out. Im very excited to hunt this pup. I have raised beagles for a few years now, including one that likes pheasants, but it was well over due that I had a proper bird dog

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    I am by no means a dog expert, but my first bird dog was a pointer. I now have my second. My advice would be to work on basic obedience. I found that my pointers natural ability out weighed anything I could teach him. I just helped guide the mindset to stay on point. Grab a training program and stick with it. They are awesome and fun dogs. Just take your time and enjoy the ride.

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    We have been doing a ton of off leash obedience and his recall is fantastic from any distance. I can already take him in the fields off leash and just let him do his thing. He works the cover so naturally already its surprising. He is very rambunctious in the house but at the same time he is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever encountered.

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    they are awesome dogs I have three
    my advice is bond with him so he wants to be with you and the rest will all come easy. When they get about two that bird desire will make him want to run and his bond to you will make him want to come back.
    makes things a lot easier, they are lovable nice dogs in the house in my experience

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    What bowman said. Most of your communication is going to be body language. About the only things I say when hunting is "here" when I see them looking for me and "dead bird." Have to be bonded as a pack.

    I do like to play hide and seek so they will learn to keep track of me.


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