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    About 80% of my shots on quail do not require a lead. See head, shoot head. Yesterday, put a dove decoy in the back yard. A few times a day, I will pick up a shotgun, focus on the decoy's head, mount gun, and dry fire on the decoy's head. This is how I learned to shoot with both eyes open. I will do this until bird season is over.


    Just for old time sake, before dismounting on one rep, I closed my left eye (right hand shooter). I could not see the decoy with one eye closed when the gun is in the correct position. No wonder I was a terrible shot when shooting with one eye closed. I shoot well now.

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    See head, Shoot head. This reminds me of when Tony Oliva was playing for the Minnesota Twins. They asked him how he was able to hit so well. Tony replied, "See ball, Hit ball".
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