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Thread: First Bird Hunting Trip to MT

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    Default First Bird Hunting Trip to MT

    I have hunted Montana quite a bit in the past but only for Big Game. I have hunted all along the Milk River and Down the Yellowstone towards Miles City so i am familiar with the country.

    Myself and group of buddies have a trip planned for this season on the Pheasant Opener. We will have quite a bit of dog power (7 total) and plan to hunt as much as we can if the temperature allows.

    Right now our target area is base camping in Sidney and hunting about a 60 mile radius. All public (Circle, Culbertson, maybe down around glendive)

    I would say priority is Pheasant, Huns, then sharptail.

    In my mind (I could be wrong) if we focus around the river systems we will eventually get into all 3 species?

    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    They are all in the area you speak of , Huns were harder come buy than we originally anticipated . Pheasants were a great distraction .

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    I have hunted that area lots in the past and I have seen all three species in that area. Huns were the hardest to find in any huntable populations. Russian Olive tree rows tend to hold Huns if you are looking for habitat.

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    You might want to check the US Drought monitor. A lot of good bird ground is in a severe drought. Some places the worst since 1918.

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    Anyone seeing birds or chicks?


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