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Thread: Drought

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    Rains have appeared on the plains. I suppose largely localized and spotty. Drought monitor maps are not changing so the precip coming now must just be keeping things from progressively getting worse.

    Maybe those late broods will fair a little better.

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    Hi all, yep, we've been getting some rain. Had a nice shower this morning, got maybe 3/4 to 1". Expecting some more later this week, hope we get a bunch. Heck, we even have to cut the grass! The temps this last week have been in the 70's, that helps. I talked to our Mailman today and he says he's seeing some broods now, not as many as last year, but he is seeing some. Things are looking up, but we're still not out of the woods yet. As I said before, this year will be one of those wait and see ones.


    Gregory J. Westberg
    MSG, USA


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