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Thread: Hot and Dry Weather

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    well alrighty then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by benelli-banger View Post
    well alrighty then!
    I talked with the person who we rent our house from near Faulkton. This person lives there and has lived there for a number of years. This person drives to and from work and drives the area on weekends.
    She has given me very good reports throughout the years. This was her exact quote last night when we talked.
    "We have received some nice rain over the last week which should help with the current drought. However, as far as Pheasants go, they are few and far between. I see one here and one there but the numbers will be way down!
    I will take this report as bad news for the north central part of the state. Others can wait and decide in December what The final bird numbers are and how it looks like but my hunt is at the end of October and that does me no good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGUIDE View Post
    Exactly. I have yet to see any factual objective data that suggests drought is related to lower bird numbers.

    We have had a decline in CRP acres over last 10 years to tune of 500 million +. How can one build any trends of weather impact when habitat impact is so huge?

    GFP forecast recently off Winter snowfall amounts and April/May rainfall amounts and low temps. High amounts in either leads to a more down forecast but even that is very regional and highly subjective.

    The speculators will say "oh we have drought in the state so numbers will be impacted". Really? That's like saying its been hot and cold and we need more rain and numbers have been impacted.

    There's simply too many variables to second guess pheasants on. I was out doing habitat work the last few days and am seeing good bird numbers but have no idea how that relates to fall harvest game bag averages at season end.
    Chris I agree with you that there are way too many variables that play into pheasant numbers. However, you keep posting that there is no "Factual Data" to suggest that drought is related to lower bird numbers. While that my be true, I think you are having a difficult time convincing the members here that a severe drought doesn't negatively effect pheasant numbers. The mid to late 1980's was a very dry period in South Dakota. If you look at the numbers from 1984-1990, they were down considerably from the prior 4 years. Then in 1991 we started getting more moisture and the numbers shot up. Now I realize the CRP and numerous other factors probably came into play as well. I've been hunting pheasant for over 60 years and through my observations I do believe that drought does negatively effect pheasants. You have your opinion, I have mine and everyone else has their's. Think we've beat this issue to death on this thread and time to put it to rest!
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    if conditions occur that deprive chicks of food or water, or, other necessities needed for survival, then populations will suffer. Period. I believe weather extremes are one of those conditions that could cause that to happen. Are there farming practices that could help to mitigate that from happening? Sure. Or, habitat that could be installed which, in time, could do the same? Sure. I am simply saying that, all else being equal, if weather extremes occur, especially during the May/June period, chick survival probably becomes an issue. I think that this would best be classified as a "blinding flash of the obvious" ... but I could be wrong!
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    Well the onlyest thing to do is decrease the shotshell budget and increase the beer


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