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Thread: Yearly Trip. Hunt October or late November

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    Default Yearly Trip. Hunt October or late November

    Trying to decide when to do our week long hunt. We hunt all public. We came Thanksgiving weekend last year.. Thinking about coming late October this year. What is everyone's thoughts?

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    I generally go the first week of November, once our woodcock season ends. Temps can be rather hi but I've always done well during that time frame. I also hunt public.
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    The SD season opens the 3rd Saturday in October. That means this year it opens on October 21st. Quite late in October so the first week of the season is actually the last week in the month. Thus, there will still be a ton of hunters in the field. Since you are hunting all public land I would suggest coming in mid to late November when the hunters have thinned out a little. The first couple of weeks of the season there are a lot of hunters afield.
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    All good info. I would only add that the start is a week later than last year, Thanksgiving falls a week earlier. The weather extremes last year were the warm temps the first several weeks of the season and the heavy snow in mid Dec. All that points to the same week for you this year or the week before Thanksgiving.


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