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Thread: Looking to make a few new friends

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    Default Looking to make a few new friends

    Im in southeast mo, looking to make a few new friends across the state. Im just looking for people to meet up with a couple weekends here and there. I dont mind to travel. Ive got a pretty decent dog. and just looking to branch out! Ive never killed a pheasant but would love to get on one.

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    Your state use to have a good supply of quail, I would think that it would be easy to find a hook up, I am in Indiana or I would be in on that. Hope you meet some great people. Try some of your local sporting clays/trap/skeet clubs

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    Yeah Southeast is tough. No pheasants. Need to go north and west. North through minnesota is good i hear and west to about the middle of Colorado! Yeah if you are just starting out, hunt clubs are the best way to start going on trips. It gets tough to find people to go out of town. And I end up hunting in a duo or by myself quite a bit.
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