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    I'm not quite ready for Grouse season to end and I have been thinking about a grouse trip to North Carolina as you can hunt there until the end of February, specifically Allegheny County. Anybody grouse hunt in this vicinity this year? What kind of flush rates did you have? Trying to decide if it's worth the drive down. I don't expect 30 flushes a day but 5-10 would make it worth my while.

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    I think you would have better success west of Asheville. A guy I hunt with had 5 flushes this past Saturday near Waynesville. However, there are some large tracts of gamelands in the area that you mentioned but I haven't gotten any reports from that part of the state. Good Luck!

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    I Haven't been out grouse hunting yet this year but past experiences have always been better north and west of Asheville. Ash county has had good numbers but not much gamelands. I did see a good amount of birds west of Asheville this summer so the hatch was probably a good one.
    Rugged country, lots of boot leather required.
    Best of luck!


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