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Dog Training Seminars by Ronnie Smith Kennels

Ultimate Pheasant Hunting has partnered with Ronnie Smith Kennels for dog training seminars across the America.

The Smiths have a passion for training bird dogs and they would like to be able to share that passion with you. They believe that anyone, when given the right tools, can train their own bird dog. Their seminars are geared to give you all of the information you need to train your bird dog.

The Smith Seminars were started over 50 years ago by Bird Dog Hall of Fame member, Delmar Smith. His son, Rick, and nephew, Ronnie Smith, continue to conduct seminars across the county today. Rick and Ronnie have taken the system that Delmar developed to new levels. The system today builds on each animalÕs natural instincts, developing cues through the use of conditioned responses, and building on the abilities of each dog. The two men have successfully trained thousands of bird dogs, yet Rick and Ronnie still view each dog as a learning opportunity. They are perpetual students of animal behavior.

The SmithÕs innovative training format, also known as the Silent Command System, is one of the few complete dog training systems available and it works for both pointing and flushing breeds. With this training system you have a step-by-step method of working with your dog. By building on each incremental level of training you will be able to steady your dog on birds and have a confident hunting companion or field trial competitor. The benefits of using the Smith method extends far from the field, it will enrich your daily relationship with your dog.

Whether you are a first time bird dog owner or a professional trainer looking for new training techniques, start with either the Presentation Seminar or the Foundation Seminar and progressively work your way up through the 3 stages of training. If you are looking just for general obedience help without the bird work, sign up for an Obedience Class. You will find Rick and Ronnie to be fun, energetic teachers that are happy to spend one-on-one time coaching you.

With each seminar, YOU CAN BRING YOUR KID FOR FREE! (ages 10-16). This is a perfect opportunity to get your kid involved in the outdoors, get your kid interested in dogs, AND build the right foundation for training dogs for the rest of their lives.

Obedience Seminar | Presentation Seminar | Foundation Seminar | Intermediate Seminar | Advanced Seminar